Saturday, March 16, 2013

a garden party//

We had to have the party day today but Mercy's actual birthday is Tuesday! She will be 7!!!!! Hard to believe!!! Sooo she wanted a garden party!! Reason being, she has her own garden plot and figured she needed "tools!" haha!! And tools she got! She might just out-do Terry!! Her other hope was a bicycle....and we couldn't disappoint!! Sparkly pink and even a basket! I remember I had a banana seat bike when I was about 8 and it had a basket and I LOVED IT!!! I would put my little dog and take her for a spin!!

It was a beautiful day besides the wind but we made it!!

Happy birthday Mercy!!!

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Teena said...

oh I just love this... all the great pics, her smile... the colors it is wonderful. Love seeing you guys do life. Thank you for always sharing.

much love