Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Josiah!!!!!!!

Joel and Josiah's 3rd Birthday

Josiah has had a very special birthday!! He started the day with John Deere donuts. The donut man decorated them special for Josiah with green and yellow striped icing! He arrived at his party with a John Deere t-shirt on! With big smiles and peering eyes from brothers and sisters, he opened his presents. He got several John Deere replicas and some duplo blocks. The afternoon was quiet as they enjoyed the new gifts.

Josiah made the request of hotdogs, hamburgers, cheetoes and coke for his birthday meal. We enjoyed a picnic outside this evening. His dad read a birthday blessing letter to him. Terry started this special blessing a while back and Lord willing the letters will be very meaningful in years to come. A little later we all gathered outside and sent 4 Helium birthday balloons "up" to Balley. This was quite meaningful to the younger children. Josiah released them with a wonder in his eye.

Josiah talked alot about Balley today. He said if Balley were here he would have got a tractor like mine and a yellow shirt too. I told him I missed Balley and he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I told him that helped my heart.

There has been grace today... and I know many have prayed for us today. I wonder if there are special things going on in heaven today for Joel? Thank you for holding our arms up today. Our first birthday and God helped us through it!



KT said...

My eyes can't hold back the tears on this special yet very sad day. How can you have two different feelings and still get through the day. God is good and may you have grace and love to get through this day. I have followed your story close and never commented. May you have restored health and joy in your heart today. Hugs to Josiah and to the rest of your precious family.

Susan said...

I lost my seven year old to neuroblastoma recently - he LOVED John Deere! I hope he and Joel are riding their tractors in heaven together.

Ash said...

Haha thats the kinda b-day im talkin bout!