Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Sanctified Trials"

One of the favorite preachers from the past for the Morris' family is Charles Spurgeon. Here is a quote from the devotional book 'Morning and Evening'. This quote is from page 98:

"Shew me wherefore thou contendest with me" - Job 10:2

"Perhaps, O tried soul, the Lord is doing this to develop thy graces. There are some of thy graces which would never be discovered if it were not for thy trials. Dost thou not know that thy faith never looks so grand in summer weather as it does in winter? Love is too often like a glow-worm, showing but little light except it be in the midst of surrounding darkness. Hope itself is like a star - not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity. Afflictions are often the black foils in which God doth set the jewels of His children's graces, to make them shine the better. It was but a little while ago that on thy knees thou wast saying, 'Lord, I fear I have no faith: let me know that I have faith.' Was not this really though perhaps unconsciously, praying for trials? - for how canst thou know that thou hast faith until thy faith is exercised? Depend upon it, God often sends us trials that our graces may be discovered, and that we may be certified of their existence. Besides, it is not merely discovery, real growth in grace is the result of sanctified trials. God often takes away our comforts and our privileges in order to make us better Christians. He trains His soldiers, not in tents of ease and luxury, but by turning them out and using them to forced marches and hard service. he makes them ford through streams, and swim through rivers, and climb mountains, and walk many a long mile with heavy knapsacks of sorrow on their backs. Well, Christian, may not this account for the troubles which thou art passing? Is not the Lord bringing out your graces, and making them grow? Is not this the reason why He is contending with you?

'Trials make the promise sweet;
Trials give new life to prayer;
Trials bring me to his feet,
Lay me low, and keep me there.'

From 'Morning and Evening' page 98 by Charles Spurgeon.

May the Lord sanctify our trials in our lives for His glory.


Christal said...

I will continue to pray for God's mercies as you deal with the pain and 'shock' of this trial. I know Jesus understands all you feel...and as you keep reaching to Him,you will be strengthened and He WILL be glorified!
What a darling picture of Joel with his bunny. I heard a quote from someone else who lost a child to cancer : "Our child is not in only in our past, (s)he is in our future".

Love, Christal

Stephen said...

My family and I are continually praying for your family.

Lisa Rieger said...

I still continue to visit Joel's Journey page and read your comments. I'm still praying for your family in the loss of Joel. I shed tears each time I visit, but I know Joel's in a much more wonderful place without any illness or pain. Your other children's comment on their little brother is just as precious and memorable and they will always have these memories forever til they see Joel again in Heaven. God is such a gracious, wonderous & merciful God. He will never let us stumble, slip or fall. May the Lord God Bless each of you with strength, comfort and peace. I've also prayed the same for myself as my father has Gastrointestinal Sarcoma Tumors (GIST Cancer). This type of cancer doesn't respond to chemo or radiation. It can only be surgically removed. He had a tumer in 2004 removed from in between his kidney's about the size of a kids nerf football. He had another one removed last year 2006 about the size of a baseball. He now has one in his left upper leg bone that hollowed out a hole the size of two eggs back to back, which broke his leg bone in two. He underwent surgery to have his leg put back together. Now we're facing this healing and he see's his Oncologist this Friday Feb. 23, 2007 at 10:30am. What ever is in God's plan for my Dad, I know he'll be a winner either way. He'll win if he's called home or if he beats this cancer. May God Bless each of you.

Melody said...

What a beautiful testimony little Joel is. Your family is in my prayers. The Lord is our strength.