Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Gift for You

Our dear friends the Burnetts have a son, John Clay, that has his own Reel Cast Productions. He has made video of hospital footage, the funeral and graveside and made a slide show. The hospital footage is a precious video of Joel that we showed at the funeral as well as the slide show. Our oldest twins Caleb and Daniel arranged the music for these two specials.

John Clay wants to make a DVD with the above selections on it along with a documentary of Joel, 'the sanctity of life'. He has interviews to do yet and our boys will have more music to arrange and compose for the documentary too, so it could be 4-6 weeks before it is complete. it will be enclosed in a case with a sweet cover picture of Joel. John Clay does professional work and he has blessed our family with his talents, his time and creativity that will be forever a keepsake for our family. As a Thank You to you, if you are interested in one of these DVD's, please e-mail us with subject DVD so we can file these separately and please include your mailing address.

You all are a blessing to us and we are grateful to you!

The Morris family


Teena said...

I know this will be a wonderful tribute to Joel~ it will continue to share his story. I will email with my address.

Still contining to lift all of you up in prayer. You are on my mind and in my heart.

In Him,
Teena mom of 1/2 dozen

Michelle Crook said...

This would be a huge blessing. We are continuing to remember you all in prayer ... thank you so very, very much for sharing Joel with us, and enabling us to pray for him in his time of need ... it was {is} an honor.
Love and Prayers,
Crook Family, Kansas

Christal said...

This is a wonderful thing to do and I am humbled that you would want to thank *us*. I am still so very sad about the loss of your Joel.
Praying the Lord will grace you with supernatural peace and comfort, beyond human reasoning. Praying God gives you special understanding and hope.
I would be honored to receive such a tribute to Joel. God bless you ALL!
~ love, Christal

Beckaboo said...

What an awesome gift, especially for your family.
Thank you for sharing your journey here... I would like to keep up with your family and hope that you will continue to keep us posted.
Our prayers are with you.
The Ebling Family

Anonymous said...

I read your family's journey tonight with tears, prayers and thankfulness for the faith and strength that He has given you all during this time. We will be lifting you all up in our prayers.

In Christ,
Brown Family, Florida

Teena said...

Just thinking about all of you and thought I would stop by~


in Him,
Teena mom to 1/2 dozen