Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Through much tribulation...

Monday was CBC day for Joel, his red count was 9.3 and his white count was 38. Extremely low, but normal for a chemo patient. The nurse said he might go even lower before he starts climbing back up. Our big prayer is that he would not get a fever as that will be a trip to the E.R. for 48 hours to determine if he has an infection or not.

He is holding up well, playing with siblings, eating small meals and still exhibiting the sin nature, he could really use some discipline at times, but it is hard on Mom and Dad in this condition. So may the Lord give us wisdom to carry out that as needed.

We go back on Thursday for another CBC and will have to figure out because of Christmas on Monday and his scheduled chemo treatment on Thursday the 28th (a hospital stay of 3 days) whether or not he will have to have another transfusion. They do not want him to get lower than an 8 on his red count, so it's very likely he will have one Friday or Saturday. We'll give another update Thursday sometime.

Again we are so humbled with all the support of prayer, the encouraging stories that many have shared, and the fun things that Joel has received, has been a blessing. Also the way God is providing for our daily needs. What a mighty God we serve. It is so comforting that he is in control and is orchestrating all this for his glory and his kingdom. It is through much tribulation we must enter the kingdom.

I'm praying for you all, that the Lord would make your cups spill over with great grace because you all have blessed us so much! Keep praying for this little soldier! With much love and thanksgiving to each of you!

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Anonymous said...

I love you and am praying for you Joel. We are at my grandma's house. We hope you are feeling good. Look to Jesus. Resting in Him, Rebekah