Monday, August 31, 2015


All the boys have been in the master bedroom for at least 16-17 years. It has gone through holes in walls via golf balls, nails, hammers and what we else the boys decided to throw at the walls. It was time for a redo. Only 4 boys left in the house now. Micah recently moved to Kansas to go to college there. With only two sets of bunks, it was time to get started. I have a little iron job, and I have been saving and now it's just about all spent on the room. I had a guy texture and patch the holes. The little boys painted the walls and ceiling! There was it concrete on the floors so it was easy to get them ready. Love the rectangle light grey tile I found at Home Depot. Fresh white baseboards and trim. New closet door and entry door. Although the guys are about to kill each other hanging it. Found 4 sets of striped twin comfoforter sets. They are especially happy about these!!! Hopping to have josh build a piece that will fit between bunks. I guess you might say the style is modern/industrial. My big thing that's on the to do list next is sliding barn doors over the case opening that older houses of the 70's had for the bathroom vanity area! I'm so sick of looking at that sink when you walk into the room!! And of course all the decorative things I wanna do! The funniest part for me!! Anyways it's been fun and now I seriously have to iron to restock my savings! It's almost all gone!! 

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Cheryl said...

What a transformation!