Thursday, March 26, 2015


I think it's finally here! SPRING!! Thankful!! Our first Spring storm last night. Nearby Moore was hit with a tornado and some damage. So tough. We did clean out shelter out yesterday but didn't have to use it. 

I am desperately needing the warmth and sunny blue skies for my soul. The winter has taken a toll on my spirit. Or maybe it's just that I have a lonnger list of complaining than a list of gratefulness. Or maybe it's the whine of the mundane. Or maybe it's the wondering if anything will ever be different where I can do things I love to do. Such as projects and giving gifts, going places and buying different foods for a different menu. I feel like I have cooked the same menu for 3 months. Goodness, why would a person have so much to complain about when I literally know my grateful list side would be way longer. I think that's why I need the warmth and sunshine and blue skies. To get me out of the winter blues. I wonder if any of my dreams wil come true? But today it's sunny and the skies are blue, I will enjoy today and keep hoping for the tomorrows! 

The garden is looking nice! Hosies little flower area has the brightest little daffodils! Joel's tree is blooming. Another sure sign that brings me hope. I'm crying as I even type this. I miss him. I'm changed forever. I wonder sometimes who I use to be and who I am now? 

Have a beautiful day!

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