Thursday, August 21, 2014

hello school!!

We have begun our twentieth year of homeschooling. It's hard to believe!! I can't say I'm very motivated. I'm tired and weary of it all. Somedays I wish I could rewind and do things different. But I will keep putting one foot in front of another. They really do their work so effortlessly and get it done quite early. Mercy is a bit behind of where she should be but hopefuly this year she will take big strides.

I haven't written a lot here lately. I guess the blog world has taken second seat to other media avenues. I don't think I could ever delete the blog, it's my life with Joel. Who is still missed and thought of daily! Sometimes it seems harder than a few years ago. I still have no idea the whys of it all. It seemed so useless. I have to keep trusting that here are hidden purposes for now and one day I'll know! 

Life has changed drastically. It's all good though! There is rarely times when we are all together, say for a meal. Busy busy!! Me and the littles are usually the ones at home every night. Terry has meetings and the older ones go hither and thither!! We enjoy our coffee+movie evenings or for now a series on netflix! 

The pool is done with for this year! I can't wait for June July of next year!! Josh, 16, has the front yard looking like the greens at a golf club lawn! He's very dedicated and picky!! We can't walk on it!! Ha!! Glad he's proud and glad he's doing it!! 

Hosie has been making some great desserts!! The key lime pie last night was amazing!! I don't know when or how her dream will come true, but a bakery would do her good!!


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Just stopping by to say hi :) Think about you often and miss you.

FlowerAnna Flower said...

Love your family!Do Caleb and Kristen have their own blog?

Nicole Easton said...

Which curriculum are you using?