Friday, July 5, 2013


Rowdy Neil. Caleb Neil. Terry Neil. Three men that I love. Wonderful to visit and see this new little person God formed and fashioned just for Caleb and Kristen. They are awesome parents. So sweet and tender with their new little fella. and Rowdy is just so handsome, so sweet. I don't want to hurry things up, but it's going to be fun to see them parenting at al the fun ages. When they can play with toys, and talk and reach out and will not want anyone else but their mommy and daddy. Just makes your heart swell.

All of his aunts and uncles of Oklahoma love him and had such a good time seeing him.

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Teena said...

no comments! How can that be? I just love these pics and love this posts. Thank you for continuing to allow us to peek into your lives. I am so blessed to know you..... YOU have encouraged me so very much. YOU love Jesus and it truly shows.

Love the "3" names.... "Neil" what a legacy!