Thursday, May 23, 2013

thank you!

Have had many emails checking in on our family and wondering if we had any damage with the tornadoes in Oklahoma! Thankfully we did not! The area hit is 50 miles south of us. Please pray for all the families and lives that have been drastically changed! It is sadly astonishing to see all the disaster and so many say that the media can not begin to capture the horrible devastation that is there. It is so encouraging to see Oklahomans doing what they do best...helping and serving and giving! May The Lord restore homes and hearts and families for his glory and his kingdoms sake.

We have had a ton of rain as of late but yesterday was unusually warm and sunny so we took advantage of it and hopped over to some dear friends pool for the afternoon! Josiah assured me that Amelia had 200 Popsicles that she needed to get rid of! I'm sure we made a slight dent! Every time I turned around, they were slurping on one. It was a fun day in the sun. And that's what I'm ready for! SUN!!!!!!

The garden is def enjoying all the rain but hey, we need some happy blue skies! Even Mercy agreed we might to hold off on the praying for rain for a latter date!

A few have asked of there might be any specific things you could pray for our family about and sure, we always can use prayer, who doesn't need it. Anyways, that The Lord would provide work for our construction business. It has been very very very hard the last few months. The repercussions of not having work or much work leads to, well you know how that goes. And we always like to pray for jobs close to home if he is willing! Thank you for even asking and for praying!

Almost done with school around here! Will I ever be glad about that! Everyone has done a good job this year! I am needing a break before I break!! Hahaha!!

Well.... Again thank you for keeping tabs on us! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is out there! Ha!

Have a great upcoming weekend and Memorial Day!


Karol said...

Right there with you on praying for jobs close to home. The construction industry is very slow right now. Thankful for every job, regardless of how big or small. God Bless

-stephanie- said...

Glad to hear you are all safe. I was praying for you.
We just went through 8 weeks of my husband not having a job, so I can understand the lack of. Thankfully God has provided that whole time, and has now blessed him with a job that's challenging, but a blessing. Praise Him! Have a sun filled weekend. :-)

Luca Boffa said...

Hello! I am Luca from Salerno,Italy
I am a your reader

Nance said...

I'm a reader too tho I don't comment often. Prayers go out for jobs . . . construction jobs close to home. I and my husband were self-employed for 10 years. I can relate. Good luck to you all.