Saturday, June 23, 2012


Terry is 50!!! yes, 50 years old!!!! Wow, when I was 20, I thought 50 year olds were almost in the grave!!! But now, 50-60 looks pretty good!!

We had a little surprise party for him! Great friends came and shared laughs and encouraging words! One of Terry's favorite meals is smoked brisket, soooo smoked brisket it was! We has the party at a Sports Museum here in Guthrie!! Since we don't have a/c, we thought it might be best not to "cook" our quests!! Hahah!!! I think he was pretty surprised!!

A fun evening with fabulous folks!!!!


-stephanie- said...

I thought 50 was bad too...until I got there. I like it!

Happy 50th to Terry! He's a blessed man.

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Morris! And Happy Birthday, Bethany!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Woo Hoo for the bestest day of the year tomorrow :)