Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pray for Sabit

Please pray for David and Sabit Kurbanov. David is in a coma at St. Anthony's hospital in OKC. He has been there for several months, and he has been declared brain dead by the medical community. Sabit is David's father, and he is now being taken to court by the hospital. David and Sabit are from Russia, and they are here in Oklahoma City alone. We have met with Sabit once, and we are trying to arrange another meeting at the hospital so that we can encourage him and see his son. We know what he is going through, and it is a very hard path to tread. Please entreat the Lord Jesus to strengthen Sabit, and to raise David from his coma. We know that our God is able to deliver in mighty ways.

We need your prayers also, for the next step in pursuing the change in Joel's death certificate, and in holding the hospital accountable for their actions. We have also discovered a law in New Jersey that does not allow brain death to be declared if the patient has religious objections to that philosophy. I would like to try to get such a law passed in Oklahoma. If we could do that, then Sabit would not have to face what he is facing, and we would not have had to endure the medical communities refusal to treat Joel, and Joel would have been fed for the 8 days that he was not given any nutrition.

We know that God is sovereign over all, and that He is in control. We also believe that the truth needs to be upheld in this evil world, and we want to do what we can to hold forth the word of life.

If you can help Sabit in any way, please contact us. You can call St. Anthony Hospital at 405-272-7000 and express your opinion. The phone number for the Governor of Oklahoma, Brad Henry, is 405-521-2342.

May the Lord bless all of your with His abundant grace. -Terry for the family


Emma R. said...

I agree there should be a law like that here in Oklahoma. If there is anything I can do to help get it going please let me know.

Emma's Mom-Lori

Candy said...

I see in the news where the Russian boy has went to be with Jesus.. I pray for strength and understanding for this family....